Why we chose Sitegroud as the best website hosting company of 2020 – 2021

Why Choose SiteGround as your Web Hosting Service Provider?     

There are numerous web hosting companies in the industry today, with each company trying to out-do the other by providing a myriad of services that, in the long run, might not suffice to cater to the needs of their client’s websites.

SiteGround stands apart from the crowd in this regard and offers three web hosting service packages that are guaranteed to provide you with a fast and secure web hosting option, whether you need a personal or business website.

Here are some reasons why you should choose SiteGround as your web hosting service provider;

1. SiteGround Offers a Very Fast Web Hosting Service

Speed happens to be one of SiteGround’s specialties, among others. SiteGround is focused on providing the fastest web hosting service and deploys the latest web hosting speed technologies to achieve this.
Every file and database on the SiteGround shared hosting plan are stored on cutting-edge SSD (Solid State Drive) technology, which allows your website to enjoy a tremendous increase in input and output operations as opposed to conventional drives.
When it comes to web hosting technologies such as HTTP/2 Enabled Servers, PHP 7, CDN, Geeky SuperCacher, and NGINX Server Speed, SiteGround is the leading service provider.

2. SiteGround also Provides a Secure Web Hosting Service

SiteGround provides state-of-the-art security for your websites both in the short and long run and significantly reduces the possibility of malicious attacks. The security system that SiteGround offers are built in-house, which therefore reduces the risk of attacks as a result of the invention of advanced web hosting security solutions.

Secure features such as the Linux Containers (LXC), Pro-active Server Monitoring, Unique Anti-bot AI, and Secure Account Isolation helps to keep your website very safe and free of malicious attacks of all kinds.

3. SiteGround Offers the Best & Most Reliable Support Team

One of the best things about the SiteGround web hosting service is her customer support staff. SiteGround offers a customer support team that is ready to attend to all your inquiries at all times of the day on three different fronts, including Inquiry Tickets, 24/7 Live Chat, and 24/7 Phone Contacts.

That is not all; SiteGround also provides a customer support service that caters to your technical and human side of the problem. The SiteGround support team is not made up of chatbots, but team members with specific personal profiles that you can refer too before making a move to help you understand each customer support staff better.

4. SiteGround Offers an Incredible Website Building Experience

SiteGround’s quality of website is one of those features that set it apart from the herd. It offers a website building service that is trusted by the owners of over two million domains, which says a lot about a web hosting company.

Building your website with SiteGround affords you a very seamless, easy, and fast way to own the perfect site for your niche in no time. If you need a website but do not know where to start from, SiteGround is the place for you.

5. SiteGround Offers Free and Smooth Website Transfers

SiteGround also offers a free and smooth domain transfer for existing websites that wish to transfer theirs. If you’re not satisfied with the service delivery of your current web hosting provider, then you should consider switching to SiteGround as the transfer will be done seamlessly and fast by their team of experts.  

6. SiteGround is Suitable for all Users

SiteGround is suitable for use by everyone. Whether you’re a person or business, you can easily tailor your service experience to the recommended plan by the company.

SiteGround offers incredible plans, including StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. These plans are crafted to help you give your business the best hosting service regardless of its size.

7. Designers & Agencies prefer SiteGround

The presence of efficient collaboration tools on the SiteGround platform makes it more preferred by designers and agencies as they will be able to add other people to their websites. The GrowBig and GoGeek plans afford clients more control over their sites, and the use of the relevant plugins, Whitelabel reselling, client management, among others, allow you to enjoy the best web hosting service.

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